Monday, July 27, 2009

Bama Bound!

Justin and I attended Orientation at U of Alabama last week, and I have to say, the boy chose well! It's an absolutely beautiful campus and there is tremendous spirit and pride there. I'll share a few snapshots with you but I did not do the school justice.

This is the Student Recreation Center. This is about a quarter of the building. It has 100+ cardio machines, 100+ weight machines, an indoor lap pool, an outdoor pool with a water slide (think Water Country) and a lazy river, 8 full size basketball courts, a climbing wall, etc., etc.
This is looking across "The Quad". Again, this only represents a fraction of it's size. We are standing on Capstone Dr facing University Bld. For refernece, the Football Stadium is about a half-mile ahead and to the right.

Home Sweet Home :-) This is Paty Hall where Justin will live. Coincidentally it also houses the package delivery center, so he will only need to go downstairs to collect his care packages. Unless we use USPS. In that case he will have to go to the Student Center where there is a full fledged and service US Post Office!

This is the main entrance of Shelby Hall which houses the School of Engineering. I was able to go with him to meet a representative from Engineering to begin course selection for the fall. The lecture room we were in was very up to date, and intimate enough to encourage discussion in class.
The visit was fantastic. He's excited for his future. I can't believe he leaves in two weeks!

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Buoy Stretcher said...

So cool, man what a cool looking campus!!! So excited for you, one of the best times of your life, where you'll do some serious LEARNING!!!