Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NHYLA Festival

NHYLA had it's annual year end festival this past weekend. All the youth teams from NH are invited to participate and put into brackets of teams with similar win/loss records. Chandler's team lost every regular season game. Some were close, others not so much. So it was AWESOME that they won BOTH of their games in the festival. Even more impressive is that they were the only team to play their games back to back and they had 5 minutes between games to change fields! Hard work and a "Can Do" attitude really do pay off.

Did I mention that it was also World Wide Knit in Public Day? (No, I did not make that up, it truly exists) Guess what I was doing during the games?

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Buoy Stretcher said...

so how many others were knitting in public that day!?! VERY COOL...

congrats to Chandler for winning!!!